Alicia Silverstone would ‘be happy’ to reteam with Brendan Fraser and resurrect forgotten ’90s rom-com

Blast from the Past
Image via New Line Cinema

Could we see a reunion of 1990s icons Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone on the horizon? The possibility definitely gave fans a Twin Peaks experience, you might say.

Silverstone happened to co-star with Fraser in 1999’s Blast from the Past. Compared to their combined lists of hit films, this one goes largely forgotten. However, that could change. Answering a fan question during the Clueless panel at 90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut, the actress said she is ready to star alongside Fraser once again if the opportunity presents itself.

“I would be happy to do anything with Brendan. He’s so much fun. […] I just saw Brendan after he won his Oscar, and he’s so cute and so happy. […] “I’d be happy to do that.”

After his Academy Award-winning performance for The Whale, Fraser is the hottest name in Hollywood right now. His moving portrayal as Charlie has returned him to A-list status, thus bringing his career full circle, something that resonated with Silverstone. “We all go through these hard times, and everybody has to grow and you struggle, but look what happened to him,” she further added.

While there’s no talk of a Blast from the Past reunion, Silverstone isn’t slowing down. She will be sharing the screen with another Oscar winner, Benicio del Toro for the Netflix detective drama, Reptile. However, the 90s Con crowd was a bit more enthusiastic about Justin Timberlake co-starring in the flick, which should release on the streaming platform sometime this year.

Of course, there was a bigger question on Clueless fans’ minds: What was Silverstone’s favorite line from the quintessential ‘90s flick? Speaking in the voice of the timeless Cher Horowitz, “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”