Alien: Covenant Viral Clip Ushers Walter Into The Spotlight


Created to serve, Michael Fassbender’s Walter, the world’s most advanced synthetic companion, tumbles off the production line in the all-new viral clip for Ridley Scott’s prequel-sequel, Alien Covenant.

If you’ve been keeping pace with Covenant‘s development cycle, you’ll know that Walter is one of two androids to feature in the horror flick – the other being David, also portrayed by Michael Fassbender – and is considered an instrumental member of the crew as the embark on humanity’s first large-scale colonization mission. He’ll be working under Katherine Waterston’s terraforming expert Daniels, who spearheads the search for a wayward distress call on a remote alien planet. And if that wasn’t enough to prove Alien: Covenant is poised to steer the franchise back to its putrid horror roots, VFX expert Neil Corbould has warned fans that the imminent sci-fi adventure is the goriest entry in the series by quite a margin.

Expect blood, then, lots and lots of blood – both human and otherwise – as the Covenant crew slowly begin to realize that they’re not alone on this most alien world. A crashed Juggernaut ship indicates that Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw will factor into the story, be that in the form of direct contact or a series of futuristic flashbacks much like those seen in Prometheus five years ago. Either way, it’s all part of Ridley Scott’s plan to dovetail his prequel saga with the mainline Alien franchise, and we understand the legendary filmmaker called upon Jack Paglen (Transcendence) and Michael Green (Green Lantern) when cranking out the script.

Alien: Covenant makes a beeline for theaters on May 19th. Not one to rest on his laurels, it seems Ridley Scott has already drafted up plans for Covenant‘s sequel, which may well be summoned in front of the cameras sometime next year.