Alita: Battle Angel Fans Campaigning For Disney To Make A Sequel


Fans have already campaigned several times to see another Alita: Battle Angel installment, and now they’re once again asking Disney to consider green-lighting a sequel.

When 20th Century Fox was in the midst of advertising their new cyberpunk action film which was based on Gunnm, a 90s manga series by Yukito Kishiro, we had every reason to believe that Alita would turn out to be a big flop for the company. But ultimately, the movie surprised us in every sense of the word. And while it did struggle to break even at the box office, Alita managed to receive the attention of a dedicated fanbase which has since done everything to see a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s 2019 pic.

Now, with the film finally making its cable premiere on HBO last weekend, fans have once again taken to social media to express their enthusiasm for a second movie and explain why Disney should consider developing it.

You can read some of the things that people had to say about their beloved heroine down below:

Previously, producer Jon Landau had encouraged the fandom, known as the Alita Army, to keep peppering up the Mouse House until they sign another deal with the crew to make a sequel. Even Rosa Salazar, who played the titular character, has campaigned for the franchise’s return.

And that’s not all, as we’ve also learned that Alita fans are crowdfunding a campaign to fly a banner over this Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony to support the cause and get Disney’s attention.

Suffice if to say, there’s a lot of potential that can be unearthed, especially since the first movie serves as a solid buildup for future stories involving Alita’s battle with Nova, the leader of Salem. Though ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see if these efforts pay off.

For now, you can catch Alita: Battle Angel on Blu-ray or on HBO’s streaming services if you haven’t already done so.