All The Droids In Star Wars


The world of Star Wars is just as busy as the real world, however, unlike here, there are plenty of robot companions that assist the characters of Star Wars along the way in their adventures.

Droids are a big part of the makeup of the universe and do it all from medical tasks, sciences, social, all the way to combat. In the galaxy far far away there are few tasks that don’t have a droid built to assist with, however, not all of these characters get the shin on the big screen.

Given this, you may be wondering how many droids there are in the Star Wars universe and what their use is for. We’ve compiled a list of the droids from the Star Wars canonical universe divided into the five droid classes that define what purpose each of the droids serves.

Since the beginning of Star Wars, there have been countless droids introduced into the universe, however, for the sake of this list, we’ll only be including those that are part of the canonical series.

First Class Droids

2-1b Medical Droid

The most harmful of the droids, First Class Droids are those which were created to assist in the science and medical fields. Here are the First Class Droids from the Star Wars films.

  • JN-66
  • 2-1B Series Medical Droid
  • Midwife Droid
  • DD-13 Tripedal Medical Droid
  • GH-7 Series Medical Assistance Droid
  • BD-Series Exploration Droid
  • EV-Series Supervisor Droid

Second Class Droids

R2-D2 Star Wars

Second Class Droids are those who also assist with tasks both inside and outside of battle, however, these droids mainly focus on technical crafts and don’t have inbuilt weapons.

  • R-Series Astromech
  • C-Series Astromech
  • BB-Series Astromech
  • R-Series Pilot Droid
  • DUM-Series Pit Droid
  • PLNK-Series Power Droid
  • WED-15 Septoid Treadwell
  • L3-37

Third Class Droids


The next droid class are those who are crafted to help out with social aspects and are commonly used within the many cities in the Star Wars universe.

  • TC-Series Protocol Droid
  • B-Series Protocol Droid
  • CZ Secretary Droid
  • LEP Servant Droid
  • FA-5 Valet Droid
  • BD-3000 Luxury Droid
  • MSE-6 Messenger Droid
  • AP-Series Protocol Droid
  • 4-LOM Protocol Droid
  • 0-0-0 Protocol Droid
  • D-0

Fourth Class Droids

Droids who fit in the fourth class are fit for military use, however, their specialty isn’t always on the front line, but they can also be used in a security setting or assassination tasks.

  • B1 Battle Droid
  • B2 Super Battle Droid
  • IT-O Interrogator Droid
  • GU-Series Guardian Police Droid
  • K-Series Security Droid
  • Droideka
  • Imperial Probe Droid
  • IG-100 MagnaGuard
  • IG-Series Assaination Droid
  • BT-1 Assassination Droid

Fifth Class Droids

GNK Series Power Droid

The fifth and final class of droids are those that were programmed for manual labor and high-intensity jobs. Their Droids basically attend to any task that people would rather not do themselves, or cannot do themselves. While not the most intelligent droids, they are reliable.

  • GNK-Series Power Droid
  • EG-Series Power Droid
  • MSE-6 Series Repair Droid
  • IW-37 Pincer Loader Droid
  • BT-Series Loader Droid
  • R-H029 Sifter Droid
  • PK-Series Worker Droid
  • UX-53 Autopolisher MK.II Droid