Alternate Ending For Leatherface Is Way Darker And More Gruesome


If you’re still pining for more Texas Chainsaw action after the easily forgotten Leatherface, we’ve got some good news.

Thanks to Reddit user Poland626, an alternate ending for the film has made its way online today for your viewing pleasure. It’s considerably darker and a lot more gruesome than what we originally saw, but there’s just one problem. And that’s that it’s got the wrong audio.

Yes, as you’ll see down below, the clip is totally watchable, but for some reason, it seems that the audio track is taken from the other ending. Distracting though that may be, what really matters are the visuals and on that front, this footage delivers. We don’t want to spoil it for you, as there are some significant differences here, but it’s arguably the better conclusion of the two and again, is way nastier.

Pretty brutal, eh? It’s not enough to change our thoughts on Leatherface overall, but it is nice to get a glimpse into what could’ve been. Not to mention that this may be the last we see of the titular killer for a while. As you’ve probably heard, Campbell Grobman Films/Millennium Films, who were responsible for both Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and Leatherface, have apparently lost the rights to the franchise due to how long it took to release the latter.

While the original plan was for them to make at least five new Chainsaw movies, that obviously can’t happen anymore and when Leatherface is ushered back into the spotlight, it won’t be in a continuation of the story that those two aforementioned studios have been telling. Instead, it’ll likely come to us from another party and presumably, be a reboot of some sort, with whoever ends up grabbing the rights probably more interested in creating their own continuity, rather than carrying on with what’s already there.

Like we said above, though, we don’t imagine that the franchise will be back on the big screen anytime soon and for now, we’ll just have to sit patiently and wait to hear more on when ol’ Leatherface will make his return.