More Alternate Wasp Designs Revealed In New Ant-Man Concept Art


One of the coolest surprises in Ant-Man came when a flashback revealed Janet Van Dyne as The Wasp. Of course, we never got to see beneath the mask due to the fact that Marvel hadn’t cast a big name actress in the role, but her few seconds of screen time were still great fun for comic book fans.

Janet sacrificed herself when she shrunk down into the Quantum Realm, and both an Easter Egg when Scott Lang travelled there at the end of the movie and comments from director Peyton Reed point to the hunt for Janet being the focus of the sequel. Thankfully, today saw Marvel announce that Ant-Man and The Wasp will be released in 2018, and concept artist Andy Park celebrated the news by revealing these unused designs for Ant-Man via his Twitter account.

While this costume was designed for The Wasp’s ’70s era adventures, it would actually be a perfect look for Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne in the follow-up. That’s not to say the costume we saw at the end of Ant-Man was bad of course, but with Scott Lang getting an upgrade for Captain America: Civil War, who knows what The Wasp will end up looking like.