Amanda Seyfried To Star Opposite Ed Helms For New Comedy The Clapper


Writer-director Dito Montiel (Man Down) is set to take the reins of his own passion project The Clapper, Deadline reports that Montiel has already secured his two leading cast members in Ed Helms and Ted 2 star Amanda Seyfried.

Adapted from Montiel’s own novel of the same name, The Clapper is pitched as an offbeat comedy that chronicles the life of a professional clapper, who makes a living sitting on in infomercials and applauding on cue. A drab and dreary profession, it’s understood that Ed Helms will take point in the lead role as Eddie Krumble, who unwittingly becomes the center of attention while in the audience for a Jay Leno talk show. Thrusting him into the limelight for 15 minutes of fame, Helms’ character is soon left battling unwanted attention that threatens both his employment and flailing love life.

As for Seyfried, the actress has reportedly been cast for the role of Judy, a gas station attendant who acts as an on-again, off-again love interest to Eddie Krumble. In light of his notoriety, Eddie’s relationship with Judy is put to the sword. The remaining key role of Chris Plork is yet to be cast.

Drawing comparisons to Martin Scorsese’s The King Of Comedy, there’s no word yet on a production start date for The Clapper, though we assume Montiel will be keen to finally set the wheels in motion. In terms of his new leading stars, Ed Helms recently wrapped up work on Bastards with Owen Wilson, while Seyfried is in line to star in Bleecker Street’s dramedy, The Last Word.

Source: Deadline

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