Gorgeous New Fan Poster Unites The Women Of The MCU


As time goes on, the outcry for some sort of union of the heroic women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets louder and louder. And now, tapping into interest from fans in an all-female team-up, artist EditsByRonan has created a mega poster featuring pretty much every prominent female character in the whole of the MCU.

At the top, we have the franchise’s first leading lady Captain Marvel, while underneath are two women of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora and Nebula. Next are Mantis, Scarlet Witch, Jane Foster and Maria Hill, and in the dead center we have the much-missed Peggy Carter. From right to left, there’s then the Ancient One, Pepper Potts, Okoye and Lady Sif. Next to her is Sharon Carter followed by Valkyrie and Nakia, and last but not least, we’ve Black Widow and Shuri.

Ronan captioned the image with a quote from Avengers: Infinity War – “she’s not alone” – and you can check it out for yourself down below:

The recent push for a female-led team movie stemmed from an incident that happened during the filming of Avengers 4, when Tessa Thompson rallied together a group of Marvel actresses to pitch the idea to studio president Kevin Feige. Clearly, the concept struck a chord with fans, as it’s now looking like this has to be a must from Phase Four of the MCU, lest there be a public uproar.

For now, though, at least we’ve got Captain Marvel arriving next March to pave the way for more superheroine vehicles. What’s more, a Black Widow standalone is in the works and word has it that Scarlet Witch is getting her own TV show, too. It looks like the tide is changing, then, meaning the dream of an all-women MCU team-up really could become a reality in the next few years. Just ask Feige himself.

Source: EditsByRonan