The Amazing Spider-Man Passes $400 Million Worldwide


In North America, The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t manage to outdo any of its three predecessors (so far) at the box office, scoring $137 million in its first six days, whereas the lowest six-day total came from 2002’s Spider-Man, which took in $144.2 million. But as has been the case lately, the international box office is how Sony will have the last laugh.

Spidey’s global appeal is tracking more along the lines of Spider-Man 3, the franchise’s most successful entry, as The Wrap reports that the reboot is expected to have crossed the $400-million mark today. The film scored the second-biggest opening of 2012 in the U.K. and has exceeded expectations in many smaller countries.

A sequel was a foregone conclusion before the movie ever came out, but with foreign markets bringing in the majority of dollars to film studios, things are looking very good for Sony’s reboot.

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