The Amazing Spider-Man Producer On Board For Jumanji

Plans for a Jumanji reboot were just revealed a few weeks ago, but the pieces are already beginning to fall into place. Variety reports that Producer Matt Tolmach is set to join Jumanji alongside one of the original film’s producers, William Teitler.

Tolmach has recently shown a knack for potentially premature reboots as he experienced massive success with The Amazing Spider-Man. Now Sony is rolling the dice and hoping that he can help do it again.

Considering the success of The Smurfs and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Sony’s decision to make another family film makes sense, but I have a feeling that older audiences, mainly children of the 90’s, may not give this version a warm reception.

I know reboots are doing very well right now, and that prompts studios to look for more films to update, but Jumanji? Come on. Is nothing sacred? Granted, the CGI could be improved, but the original film in a classic and certainly doesn’t need a reboot already, or really ever, despite not being the most technologically up to date.

The way I see it, the earlier Sony scraps this project, the better.

Is anyone else as opposed to this reboot as I am? Share your thoughts below.

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