Amazon Prime Video’s Adding A Lot Of Great Horror Content Next Month

Gretel & Hansel

Now that Yuletide is firmly in the rearview mirror, the barrage of Christmas movies that the streaming services have been loaded with are beginning to fade away, and horror, the greatest of all genres, will once again begin to make its presence known. In fact, a number of quality titles are hitting Amazon Prime Video next month, and here we take a look at them for you.

Arachnophobia is a black comedy where a new species of spider is discovered in the Venezuelan mountains and is accidentally transported to a small Californian town, whereupon an army of arachnids attempt to clear the way for the rulers of their hive and spread across the world.

Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell is the seventh and final of Hammer’s movies about the infamous mad scientist and sees Peter Cushing once again reprise the role, this time finding him as a surgeon in a mental hospital, where he uses his position to continue his experiments to create artificial human life.

Alone finds a young man try to ride out the zombie apocalypse by barricading himself in his apartment, only for his food and sanity to both gradually deteriorate, and he ultimately ventures outside to rescue his cute neighbor.


Directed by Wes Craven and starring Eddie Murphy, Vampire in Brooklyn is a darkly comic reworking of Dracula, where a Caribbean nightstalker searches for the woman who can sustain his immortal existence, while also experiencing the surreal urban jungle of the New York borough.

Also available will be Cloverfield, an alien invasion movie and one of the better found footage efforts of the last 20 years, Legion, where an army of angels attempt to exterminate humanity and only the archangel Michael tries to stop them, Premonition, a psychological horror where a women experiences the days surrounding her husband’s death out of order and attempts to use the knowledge to save him, and Gretel & Hansel, a retelling of the fairy tale where the elder sibling develops witchy powers.

Tell us, though, what will you be catching on Amazon Prime next month? As always, let us know down below.