Amber Heard Reportedly Feels Like She Beat Johnny Depp And Her Career Is Safe


Amber Heard has been in the headlines again in the past few days, having made the surprise announcement of a new baby via a surrogate. The actress, who is set to appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has become a repeated target for online criticism over her legal case with ex-husband Johnny Depp. The latest report from prolific insider Daniel Richtman is that Heard believes she has won against Depp, and her career is now safe.

With Warner Bros. apparently now more willing to give Heard a prominent role in the Aquaman sequel, it appears that the 35-year-old has turned a corner in being seen as a reliable star for the studio. Her win versus Depp in the London High Court last year was significant for its verdict that the press were not committing libel by describing him as a “wife-beater.” The Court of Appeal then upheld the decision, meaning that after months of public debate, Heard was able to push forward with her expected contribution to the DCEU.

Of course, Heard and Depp’s fight isn’t quite at an end yet, as they’ll be meeting in the Virginia courts in 2022 for a defamation suit. While her lawyers are trying to get the case thrown out due to the UK ruling, it does look like there’ll be more dates before a judge in their future. For the time being, then, it’s clear that Heard is doing the better of the pair in terms of the opportunities she’s getting, with Depp having stepped down from the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

As is to be predicted, there continues to be outcry from some areas of the internet regarding whether or not Amber Heard deserves this success, even with the recent news of her daughter. However, the various petitions haven’t prevented WB from signing her up for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and there’s little sign that she’s being frozen out of other top roles in Hollywood. As a result, we wouldn’t be surprised if she was feeling pretty good about her career prospects.