First Look At Amber Heard In Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez’s Machete was a hilarious tribute to grindhouse cinema that offered up all the violence and sex you might expect from a movie starring Danny Trejo as a character named after a weapon.

Rodriguez obviously had a good time making it, though, because the sequel, the subtly-titled Machete Kills, which will be released at some point next year (the official date is currently unknown), looks to be offering up all sorts of mayhem, this time with Mel Gibson as the bad guy (no, he isn’t playing himself).

The last movie didn’t shy away from its exploitation roots in the casting of several highly attractive, barely-clad women, and the sequel certainly looks to be reprising that particular element. Stare in wonderment at the image above, then, which is the first official shot we have of blonde bombshell Amber Heard from the upcoming flick.

Although speculation as to what exactly her role will entail remains vague, we’re currently too busy making that wolf whistle sound (complete with popping “awoooga” eyes) that you get in cartoons sometimes to really care.

Machete Kills also stars Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Alexa Vega and Lady Gaga. So, basically, a whole bunch of extremely beautiful women for Machete to sleep with. Oh, Machete, will you ever cease to amaze us?

Source: IndieWire