Amber Heard Seeking Police Footage To Prove Domestic Violence


Preparation for Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal battle in Fairfax County, Virginia is well underway. This began when Depp sued Heard for $50M over a Washington Post op-ed she wrote about her experience as a victim of domestic violence. In response, she filed a $100 million counterclaim, also alleging defamation and that Johnny was responsible for a social media effort to tarnish her career by getting her booted off Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Now we’re beginning to see indications of what they’ll be arguing. Heard’s legal team recently applied for a subpoena in order to gather as much info as they can on the LAPD officers who arrived on the scene of a 2016 domestic disturbance call at the pair’s house.

Heard’s subpoena has now been approved by Fairfax County courts clerk John Frey, and it asks the LAPD to produce “books, documents, records, electronically stored information and tangible things” connected to the visit, IWMBuzz reports. At the core of this is body-camera footage from Officers Melissa Saenz and Tyler Hadden.

In a big hint at the argument Heard’s team are preparing, the subpoena requests:

“All documents and communications of any nature respecting any investigation of, and any disciplinary actions taken against Officers Saenz and Hadden for any conduct up through December 2016.”


“The audit trails for any deletions, modifications, or viewing of the body camera footage uploaded to by Officers Saenz and Hadden during the period October 1, 2015 through August 1, 2016. … This request includes all documents that show any deletions, modifications or viewing up the present for footage uploaded during that timeframe.”

Heard’s lawyers are clearly anticipating the argument that they not only cannot prove domestic violence has taken place, but that the evidence suggests otherwise. In a previous deposition the officers said they saw no marks on her and that the apartment was in fine shape. This subpoena is an attempt to get ahead of that argument and call the officers and evidence into question.

Maybe they have good reason to look deeper into the situation, maybe not. Either way, it looks like the April 2022 trial in Fairfax County is going to be a difficult and hard-fought affair. Whether Johnny Depp or Amber Heard come out on top remains unclear.

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  1. Shelsays:

    I’ll probably be charged 25% for this, but God it’s worth it! Great for the defense to request all the LAPD docs, they really want to win. How does it feel to want? Mr. Depp’s legal team can review the docs for more evidence to support his case. You are on fire Mr. Depp. Seriously, hot stuff❤

    1. Shelsays:

      The charge I refer to is not money. It’s an internal electromagnetic increase comparable to a Tens Unit. No control🤣

  2. Shelsays:

    My grandmother had a beautiful soul. Her birthday is coming up, Nov. 1, All Saints Day, which was fitting for her. She was a force, taught me what love is and the importance for it. She also had this gift that put the fear of God in everyone, it was like a work of art. I remember a time she met our neighbor. He lived across the alley, alone with his dog. She worried that he didn’t eat right. So, everyday at dinnertime, she would make him a plate, and have one of us take it to him. On one occasion she noticed him feeding his dog from the plate. When she back to the house she was furious he fed the dog from the plate she made. But she didn’t stop sending food. Instead, she made two plates, one for the neighbor, the other for his dog. It took me years to understand why she did that.
    I don’t agree with the saying love is blind. Lust, mostly yes, but that’s just from the nerves and excitement anticipating a feeling. Love opens your eyes, makes you see clearly. It makes you want to do the right thing for others, without expecting anything in return other than to ensure the best life possible for those you love. It gives you something to look forward to.
    It’s clear to me Mr. Depp entered the relationship with AH in hopes of love, but AH entered in hopes of everything else but love. That is devastating for anyone to experience. As Mr. Depp heals from the destruction this caused in his life he’s using what he learned to help others through similar issues, and making movies, like Minamata, to ensure voices of silent victims are heard around the world. His actions are selfless and his heart is open. That IS love.

    1. GuitGirlsays:

      Shel you are a gifted articulate writer, though you will say you’re not. We all put ourselves first, including JD but he is one of the few celebrities that never forgets who is most important in an issue such as Minamata, and so many other causes and individuals he has helped throughout his lifetime, whereas Herd only goes after what she will profit from or will hurt Johnny.

      1. Shelsays:

        Thank you GuitGirl. You’re very kind. This is the first time I wrote out my thoughts other than a few emails addressing personal issues. If I read my comments they never sound quite right, and many cannot be removed, so I try to avoid it. Normally I voice my opinion directly, but this lit a fire in me, a passion I can’t hold back. I refuse to let AH use or hurt Mr. Depp anymore. It’s time she finds a new way to advance her career. His name doesn’t look good on her.
        I think Mr. Depp is so strong and inspiring. This was not his fault, never was, but he’s fighting back, and helping so many people around the world by creating awareness of broken organizations and unethical behavior. It’s not an easy fight, it’s a fight that will make difference, change the world for the greater good. I have so much respect and faith in him. He will get through this, and I’ll be there to see it through.

      2. GuitGirlsays:

        Not kind, but awed.
        I hear you, as do millions of Johnny Depp’s supporters. It took him a long time to recover from her divorce, bogus restraining
        order, and her campaign of terror with subliminally triggered untruths starting with the spy cam vid she took of him kicking the kitchen furniture, the day following his mother’s death.

      3. GuitGirlsays:

        Not only can’t we delete, we can’t control our ID pics. Nor upload Herd’s minor age MUG SHOT!

  3. GuitGirlsays:

    Herd is a bonafide idiot. We have seen the police footage and all she can gain from her desperate attempts is to bury herself deeper in the hole of her and her lawyers laughable attempt to put blame on everyone else but her own deep rut of lies

    1. Shelsays:

      GuitGirl, do you ever wonder why people, like AH, think they have the right to take ownership of someone’s life, as if it belongs to them?
      It’s strange, a couple years ago posting a comment on a public site would have terrified me with the thought of how many people could view it. Now I look at it as two people having a conversation. The views don’t cross my mind. It’s like fear disappeared and my faith took over. Mr. Depp and his fight are very important to me, and for the world. He’s fighting for his identity, his freedom that was brutally stolen from him. Without it, It’s not living , it’s existing, unable to feel anything at all. I’m sorry anyone would hurt him like she did. I think he’s making a miraculous recovery.

  4. Savage Lynxsays:

    Nothing like syphoning water onto their sinking ship of lies, distortions and caught red-handed multiple perjuries. Making the HurdTurdirtybirds team punchy in the head!

  5. Jim Jamessays:

    Get the real news! Princess Ho has been denied a Pinchess.

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