Amber Heard Subpoenas LAPD As Latest Legal Battle Intensifies


The latest twist in the never-ending legal battles between warring ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has seen the Aquaman actress subpoena the Los Angeles Police Department as part of the $50 million defamation case launched by Depp, with Heard’s team seeking to dig up everything they can on the four officers who dealt with a 2016 domestic disturbance incident, as per Deadline.

Heard already subpoenaed the cops in January, but the second filing wants them to “produce the books, documents, records, electronically stored information and tangible things designated and described”. Not only is the defamation trial set to begin in April of next year, Heard’s $100 million counter-suit is also scheduled, so there’s no end in sight for a dispute that’s been raging on for over half a decade already.

The LAPD effectively offered a “no comment” response after being asked to submit “all documents and communications of any nature” in regards to the policy, procedure and protocols enacted by the officers who responded to the initial call in May 2016, including any disciplinary action taken against them at any point in their careers before then.

In short; things are poised to get even more heated when Heard and Depp do battle one more. The former Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts star has scored a couple of minor victories recently, but with a pair of lawsuits totaling $150 million hanging in the balance, the next stage of their acrimonious split could be the most hotly-contested yet.