America Chavez will be acknowledged as gay in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

doctor strange 2 america chavez

Sources from The Hollywood Reporter have said that America Chavez, a Marvel Cinematic Universe debutant set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will have her homosexuality acknowledged – staying true to her comic book origins. 

Chavez, played by Xochitl Gomez, has already been touted as a step forward for representation, given the character’s status as a Latina superhero. Her appearance will mark the MCU’s third confirmation of a major LGBTQ+ character, with the bisexuality of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki having been revealed in the miniseries of the same name, and the appearance of Phastos, the openly-gay inventor played by Brian Tyree Henry in Eternals, coming shortly after.

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is also confirmed to be a bisexual character, but that has not been directly addressed in any of her film appearances. According to the actress, that is set to change when the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder hits theatres.

Chavez could rank among one of the strongest characters in the MCU, which is quite the statement considering the scope of what we’ve seen from the studio so far, such as the likes of the once-antagonist Thanos, the game-changing TVA in Loki, and the cosmic deities we were introduced to in Eternals. In addition to her physical capabilities, Chavez possesses the ability to travel through the multiverse at will. She also seems to be one of the Doctor Strange sequel’s major players, and her capabilities are sure to be key to the conflict that Doctor Strange is up against.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to release in the United States on May 5 of this year.