The American Dream Is Waiting In Spellbinding Trailer For James Gray’s The Immigrant, Plus 20 New Images And A Poster

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After a well-received premiere at the Cannes Film Festival almost a year ago, James Gray’s period drama The Immigrant is finally preparing to hit screens stateside. There was a time where it was presumed that The Weinstein Company would be relegating The Immigrant to a VOD release via its Radius-TWC brand, but the company did an about face earlier this spring, opting instead to send the film into a limited theatrical run. Now, The Immigrant, which stars Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner and Joaquin Phoenix, has received a U.S. trailer and accompanying poster, along with a slew of images.

The trailer offers a tantalizing look into the stunningly beautiful world of 1921 New York, as immaculately lensed by Darius Khondji. It’s clear that The Immigrant is going to be a delicious visual treat for cinephiles, but the story is also highly promising.

Cotillard plays a Polish immigrant named Ewa, who travels to Ellis Island with her sister in hopes of finding a better life. When her sister, who is suffering from lung disease, is detained, Ewa desperately tries to find a way to rescue her. The naive woman is taken in by Bruno (Phoenix), who gives her a job dancing at his theater but also forces her into a life of prostitution. When Ewa catches the eye of magician Emil (Renner), she becomes the center of a violent, unpredictable tug-of-war between the two men.

This may be the first major contender for next year’s Oscar race (not counting The LEGO Movie, which is a lock for Best Animated Feature), so we’re very excited to see its American debut. We won’t have to wait long, either, as TWC has scheduled the premiere for May 12th.

As for the poster, let’s just say that some people aren’t meant to be Photoshopped. The luminous Cotillard is clearly one of them – her face has been distorted to a horrific degree by this poster, and the weak placement of Renner and Phoenix doesn’t do those actors any favors either. The other shots, including some behind-the-scenes ones, from the film (also below) are much more promising. Take a look, and keep an eye out for The Immigrant when it opens next month.


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  1. Stergiossays:

    It looks absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to watch it! James Gray has proven himself to be one of the most interesting directors of his generation and this film seems to be his finest to date. Direction, performances, screenplay, cinematography, music, everything seems to have a quality not to be dismissed. Marion Cotillard is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of all time and once again she obviously gives a tour de force of a performance. I mean seriously, what on Earth the Academy is thinking when she snubs her again and again for performances that will surely be counted among some of the greatest film acting ever (“Public enemies”, “Nine”, “Inception”, “Midnight in Paris”, “Rust and Bone” just to name a few)? Her work in every film she has done (both before and after her Oscar-winning acting masterclass in “La vie en rose”) is always worthy of Oscar recognition. Actually, it’s always worthy of Oscar win. Not nomination, win. It’s truly unbelievable to watch a performance like the one she gave in “Nine” (she should have gotten the Oscar for her “Take it all” scene alone) or her painfully honest one woman show in “Rust and bone” not being included in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category at the Oscars. Why? Is it because she broke an inconceivable record by becoming the only French actress in the history of cinema to win the Oscar for an Actress in a Leading Role for a performance in her native language? So she can’t even be nominated again? Is it because her work is often extremely daring in dark and demanding films (“Inception”, “Rust and bone”)? I just can’t believe she hasn’t been nominated again after her win in “La vie en rose”, probably the most deserved win ever in an acting category at the Oscars. Watching her transform into a character is like an otherwordly experience. She inhabits every character she plays so completely it ends up really scary. It doesn’t feel like you’re watching a performance, it feels like you’re watching a real human being. Her work in “The immigrant” doesn’t seem to be an exception. No-holds-barred, Cotillard dares to abandon herself into every role she plays in a way no actress in the history of cinema can claim she did (that includes acting legends like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett). I know, someone can watch a comment like this and think “oh, just a crazy fan of Marion Cotillard” or a representative of hers or whatever crap it can come to his mind. But I’m neither of this. I’m just a movies lover by birth and a fan of Cotillard’s work and I know this: Degrading her masterful work in a ton of films so repeatedly doesn’t seems right to me. It’s really disappointing. I really like the Academy Awards but I really can’t believe they can snub living legends of acting again and again, without any particular reason: I mean, Leonardo DiCaprio? Amy Adams? Naomi Watts? Glenn Close? Michelle Pfeiffer? Michael Fassbender? Peter O’Toole has never won an Oscar, can you believe that? I know, an Honorary Award. I mean, really? The list of Oscar-worthy actors and actresses is endless. Some might think “Jesus, is this some post concerning the Oscars? It’s about a trailer from a film”. I agree. But when I watch a trailer like that, I think “wow, it’s clear that the amazing talented Cotillard gives an Oscar-worthy performance again”. So what? The Oscars snub her. Again and again and again and I don’t know if they’ll ever stop. I hope they will, because it’s really sad. I really hope that Oscar voters will have her in mind this time, at least just for a nomination. Her performance in “The immigrant” has received raving reviews (as expected) and seems truly terrific.

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