Bad Hair Abounds In The First TV Spot For American Hustle


Can we just all agree that the 1970s were a terrible time for hair? Yes? Good, let’s move on then. We’ve seen a few trailers for David O. Russell’s American Hustle by this point, but you may have been saying to yourself, “These trailers are so long! How are they going to promote this thing on television, where ad space is at a premium?” Well, that pressing question has been answered with the debut of the movie’s first TV spot, featuring Bradley Cooper with bad hair, Jeremy Renner with bad hair, and Christian Bale with WOW, HOLY COW, some really bad hair. Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are in it too, but they’re mostly still adorable.

David O. Russell (not to be confused with Irish director David O’Russell) has been on a real hot streak coming off of The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, so expectations are high for American Hustle, which combines some of the cast from both of those aforementioned movies–a “best of” compilation, if you will–and drops them into the ’70s for a fictional take on the real life FBI sting operation called Abscam (not to be confused with Abs Cam, the popular webcam feed that is just 24/7 hot abs).

There will be FBI agents (Bradley Cooper), hustlers of the American variety (Christian Bale), corrupt politicians (Jeremy Renner) and even a little-known actor by the name of Robert De Niro and standing-up comedian Louis C.K. in supporting roles. That sounds pretty close to a sure thing for an entertaining movie.

Look, the video is only 32 seconds long, so it’s not going to take a whole lot of your time. Just watch it, write a reminder to yourself to thank your hairdresser next time you see him or her, and mark December 13th on your calendar. That’s when American Hustle will see limited release, after which the joy will be spread far and wide on Christmas Day.