Amy Adams Cast In New David O. Russell Film

Just one day after Jeremy Renner was announced to be replacing Christian Bale in the as of yet untitled David O. Russell film, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Amy Adams will also be joining the cast and will take the lead female role.

Russell and Adams worked together previously on The Fighter, where Adams gave a brilliant performance and earned much praise. She was so good, in fact, that many thought she was deserved the Oscar that year, which instead went to her co-star Melissa Leo.

As for Russell’s new film, it centers around the true story of a con artist named Mel Weinberg and the FBI agent in charge of the operation that helped take down a number of conmen, corrupt politicians, and mobsters.

Weinberg will be played by Bradley Cooper, while Renner takes the role of the FBI agent Jimmy Boyle. Adams will be playing Weinberg’s mistress and co-conspirator, Maxine Gardner.

Adams has been busy lately, with upcoming credits in The MasterTrouble With The Curve and the high profile role of Lois Lane in Man of Steel. With the way Russell’s untitled film is shaping up, it seems like the actress will be adding another quality movie to her rapidly growing résumé.

Plus, seeing her work with the Russell again will be great, seeing as they did some wonderful things with her character in The Fighter.

What do you think of the casting? Are you excited to see Adams and Russell work together again?