Amy Adams Says She May Not Be Done With The DC Universe


Last week, Man of Steel star Amy Adams seemingly confirmed reports that the Superman side of the DC movie universe is being rebooted as she revealed that she believed she’s out of the franchise for good. However, in a new comment on the situation, the actress has clarified that she doesn’t know for sure, as she hasn’t had an official update on her future as Lois Lane.

While speaking with Den of Geek, Adams was asked if she really is leaving the Daily Planet’s star reporter behind and admitted that she can’t really answer that question as she doesn’t know herself: “You know what’s funny? I actually don’t know. I haven’t had any official conversation with anybody,” said the actress.

This is the second statement we’ve got in the last few days which disputes that the Worlds of DC is in for some big casting changes. Just a few days ago, Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa swore that Henry Cavill’s definitely not done with Superman and totally intends to play the part again at some point. This was in contrast to rumors that have said Cavill fell out with WB over his new contract.

Perhaps the truth is, then, that Cavill is in much the same place as Adams and has not been formally told whether he’ll return to the franchise or not. That could be it, too, as WB is known to still be restructuring the DC universe after the bumpy ride it’s had over the last few years.

Maybe if they find a new way to approach the Last Son of Krypton that they believe will have widespread appeal, they’ll invite Cavill and Adams back on board. Alternatively, maybe they really will start from scratch, as suggested by those rumors that Black Panther‘s Michael B. Jordan was one of the names floating around WB towers as a potential successor to Cavill.

For now, it looks like we’ll just have to keep waiting to see how the Worlds of DC develops, but in the meantime, feel free to drop a comment down below letting us know if you’d like to see Cavill and Adams stick around.