Max Landis Shares New Intel On His American Werewolf In London Remake

An American Werewolf in London is finally beginning to make some serious headway under Max Landis.

The outspoken and oftentimes controversial screenwriter took to Twitter (via Bloody Disgusting) earlier this morning to confirm that he is now “finishing the first draft,” before admitting that the creative milestone took a little longer to reach because of the weight of his father’s expectations.

As horror fans will know all too well, Max is actually the son of John Landis, the creative mastermind who originally delivered the cult classic back in 1981. Since then, An American Werewolf in London has spawned a sequel of its own, American Werewolf in Paris, but Max Landis wants to roll back the years and focus on what made the original movie so special.

Here’s that status report, courtesy of Twitter:

Finishing my first draft of An American Werewolf In London today. Took me way longer than usual because every time I opened the Final Draft file my laptop would slam closed under the weight of my father’s expectations.

Updating a film classic for the modern day will always present some logistical challenges, but that doesn’t mean that Max Landis isn’t prepared for what’s to come – hell, the prolific scribe has already flirted with the idea of helming his American Werewolf in London remake, providing the stars align.

But when one curious Twitter user asked Landis about his approach to the villagers and, in particular, how they manage to “dispatch the werewolf pretty easily,” the screenwriter replied as so:

Answering this question and the nature of the village’s role in the plot in the second and third act as of now are the biggest changes I’ve made to the original structure. I always wondered about that Pentagram. Doing some fun stuff.

An American Werewolf in London is yet to lock down an official release window, but horror fans can take solace in the fact that Landis’ vision is coming together – slowly but surely.