An awful Gina Carano vehicle plows through the competition on streaming


If you mention the name Gina Carano to somebody, you’re guaranteed to get a reaction. What kind of reaction remains entirely up for debate, but the former Disney employee certainly appears to luxuriate in being one of the industry’s most talked-about stars, for better or worse.

The ex-MMA fighter has arguably found more success on the silver screen than she did inside the cage, but you could also say that she was a much better fighter than she is an actress. At the end of the day, it’s all apples and oranges, but we can all agree that Daughter of the Wolf does not feature a powerhouse lead performance.


Clair Hamilton is a former military specialist who discovers she’s inherited a large sum of money following her father’s passing. Naturally, this leads to her son being kidnapped, and a revenge mission ensues as she seeks to leverage one of her captured enemies as a means to tracking down her child.

In the broadest strokes, Daughter of the Wolf sucks. It’s bland, formulaic and uninteresting to a fault, with Carano severely lacking when she’s forced to lean into the dramatic side of her persona as opposed the inherent ass-kicker. However, it’s nonetheless managed to surge to third place on the Amazon most-watched in the United States, as per FlixPatrol.