An Erotic Thriller Is Blowing Up On Netflix

unfaithful diane lane

Unfaithful, an erotic thriller about infidelity is currently dominating Netflix.

The film is in the streaming app’s top ten most-watched movies in various countries, including Bangladesh, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, and Greece.

Unfaithful is a tale about a married woman named Connie Summer (Diane Lane) lured by the temptation of a younger man Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez) that ultimately becomes an ongoing affair. Once Summer’s husband Edward (Richard Gere) is made aware of her indiscretions, he takes the matter into his own hands by murdering Summer’s lover.


The thriller was based on the 1969 film The Unfaithful Wife that shared a similar premise. When Unfaithful was first released in 2002, it received mixed reviews from critics. Despite the judgment, Lane accepted a slew of awards for Best Actress, including National Society of Film Critics, New York Film Critics, and Satellite Award. The actress was also nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for the same category.

In addition to Lane getting praised for her role in the film, Unfaithful became a hit among viewers, ultimately generating $119 million globally, surpassing the movie’s $50 million budget. It also currently has a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfaithful is now streaming on Netflix.