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An inept drug-fueled actioner gets a quick fix on the streaming charts

Don't do drugs, kids, or you'll end up in a Dolph Lungren movie.

via After Dark Films

When you see Dolph Lundgren’s name attached to a movie, you generally know what you’re going to get. Despite being a supremely intelligent man with a master’s degree in chemical engineering who once attended the famed MIT on a scholarship, the veteran action hero tends to star in very stupid films, with 2012’s Stash House being just one of many.

The premise is actually a halfway decent one, even if it doesn’t take long for things to descend into formula. Sean Faris and Briana Evigan star as a loved-up couple who purchase a home at a hefty discount due to a foreclosure. However, they swiftly find out that not only are the walls stuffed to the gills with drugs, but their new abode is the headquarters for a massive illicit operation, and there’s plenty of people who want to get their hands on the merchandise.

via After Dark Films

Fortunately, our intrepid protagonists also discover their dream house that instantly became a nightmare is also heavily fortified with bulletproof windows, reinforced walls, and other bells and whistles you’d associate with the epicenter of a large-scale drug-running enterprise.

Based on a Rotten Tomatoes user rating of 21 percent and an IMDb average of 4.7/10, you’re probably best to go into Stash House with fairly low expectations. Prime Video subscribers have cast aside the critical doubts and audience apathy, though, leading to the B-tier actioner embarking on an unexpected jaunt up the platform’s worldwide watch-list.

Per FlixPatrol, Stash House has been getting its fix on the streaming service’s Top 10 in multiple countries, even if it may end up suffering from withdrawals once users abandon it in their numbers after discovering it isn’t very good.

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