An Infamous Box Office Bomb Is Finding New Life On Netflix


At one stage, Rob Cohen was near the top of every studio’s list when they were looking to hire a safe pair of hands capable of helming a high concept effects-heavy genre film that could do a decent turn at the box office.

Having delivered fantasy adventure Dragonheart, disaster epic Daylight, street racer The Fast and the Furious, conspiracy thriller The Skulls and extreme actioner xXx, the filmmaker had more than proven himself. However, the wheels came off when he took the reins on Stealth, which went down in the history books as one of the biggest box office bombs of all-time.


Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx headlined the $150 million blockbuster about a trio of hotshot pilots training an unmanned military plane. After the aircraft is hit by lightning, the artificial intelligence goes rogue and sets off on its own mission, forcing them to try and take it down before it ignited World War III.

That sounds ridiculous, and Stealth is indeed very silly. It was widely panned by critics and holds a paltry 12% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but the movie’s commercial performance was even worse. Earning just $79 million globally, Sony lost an estimated $100 million on the project, but it’s somehow rebounded on Netflix to enter the Top 10 most-watched list over the weekend, as per FlixPatrol.

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  1. Dat Dudesays:

    No way! I know I’m not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed Stealth! I don’t know anyone who didn’t like it.

    1. Moesays:

      Really?! You do leave your house and talk to others, right?

      1. Moe Is a Losersays:

        Really? Gotta get that dopamine rush for riding your high horse into the comment section? Choke on a dick you miserable shit

      2. Moe got burnedsays:

        Haha! He told you what was up! Serves you right with a name like Moe.

      3. Realsays:

        Moe is a loser: Et tu?

    2. avg guysays:

      it was entertaining. some people just expect too much in an action flix

      1. Boogirlsays:

        I really liked it. I never listen to critics, I watch and decide for me!!

    3. DrKDsays:

      It’s a decent movie at minimum!

      1. Paradave911says:

        I liked it….

    4. I really enjoyed the movie

    5. Chollsays:

      Loved it

    6. Pjockosays:

      Anyone who watched Macross Plus would recognize the blatant plagiarism and be justifiably disappointed in Stealth.

    7. Renasays:

      I liked it

  2. 2deafearssays:

    This story is clickbait!!! Stealth is not even showing on Netflix now, I just got done looking in Netflix search engine and it is not even listed there. So all this article is trying to do to see how interests there is in getting people to get it on the streaming site.

    1. Reelguysays:

      It’s playing on Netflix in Canada.

    2. Gottssays:

      Ya its not in america i just checked too this is stupid.

      1. Frank R.says:

        To the elementary grade school student “Gotts” commenting: Canada is part of America. What you meant to say is that “Stealth” is not being shown in the United States. Please work on your grammar, spelling, and geography BEFORE you call someone else stupid.

      2. Mind your business frank rsays:

        Yea so they definitely were saying that by it NOT being played in America was the stupid part so YOU need to learn how to read. Also when referring to it not being played in America everybody pretty much gets its the United States idk any CANADIANS calling themselves Americans. Such a troll!

      3. @Frank Rsays:

        I am American, from America, on the continent of North America. The United States of AMERICA is often shortened to just America. It’s a common, American, way to say someone is American from AMERICA! I think I made my point. While I agree that name-calling is childish, I also think your comment was reaching to hard to find fault in the other dude’s comment. You should have just said, “don’t call people stupid.” Lol

      4. Correcting Myselfsays:

        Damn my B @Gotts. I just reread the comments. @Frank, Gotts didn’t call anybody stupid, he was just saying that it’s stupid that the movie isn’t on Netflix in America. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

      5. The Realest Americansays:

        Franky, Franky, Frank, let me be quite frank with you. People from USA don’t say run around saying, “I’m a United Statesan.” They say they are, “American.” So, if someone refers to the United States as, “America.” Don’t make yourself look stupid again😂😂. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Stealth has found new life on Netflix because Netflix is filling it’s film selection with mostly foreign language films that are dubbed into English. People are having to jump back a few years and watch what were once grade b films to see something worth watching.

    1. Bobsays:

      If you’re not going to watch it with subs in the original language, don’t watch it at all. Every dub is horrendous and substantially reduces the quality of the acting.

      1. YouRRacisit Trumpsupportersays:

        Racist comment

      2. Kensays:

        Totally true. Dubbed kills the movie. Don’t be lazy. Read the subtitles!

      3. Wadesays:

        I wish I still could. One of the worst things about going partially blind was the ability to watch foreign movies.

      4. Eyes & Earssays:

        Hate the dubbing. Voices don’t match characters at all, AND the “acting” is horrendous. Use subtitles.

      5. The annoying respondersays:

        To the top guy, they’re not being racist, they’re saying that the quality of English dubbing takes away from the quality of the foreign films. Often there are many contextual cues and amazing acting that’s lost when English is dubbed over the original language spoken and that using subtitles is the best way to avoid any loss of quality.

    2. Phil O'bustersays:

      Usually, if the effort is taken to present a foreign movie or TV series to an American audience, it’s a decent watch. Most are actually pretty good. I’m currently watching Squid Game and thoroughly enjoying it.

      1. Lukasays:

        Are you watching Squid Game in English?? It’s absolutely horrible, the only way to watch it is in Korean with subs.

      2. SubsNdubSsays:

        It’s great. I use subs but use what you want I hate when ppl try to say it sucks in dub. It’s all preferences. As long as you’re enjoying a foreign film, it doesn’t matter

      3. dnicesays:

        Me too hope they make a part 2

      4. The annoying respondersays:

        I’ve read recently, from Korean speaking individuals, that what is actually being said in the Squid Game in English is a completely different context from what is said in Korean and that the subtitles are the best (but not perfect way) to fix this.

        For instance, one character goes from saying something like “I’m actually very smart, I just never got a chance to study.” To “I’m not very smart, but I’ve got this” for instance.

  4. ShinobiScott81says:

    Well…I don’t see it on Netflix here, but I thought the movie was pretty good at the time. Then again, Jessica Biel was and still is a bombshell.

  5. Helpedsays:

    Amazon prime with subscription

  6. Joesays:

    The movie still sucks. Jessica Biel had the hottest a$$ on film at the time, though.

    1. Patdog122482says:

      *AGREED!* Her bikini scene was the whole reason I saw it in theaters & bought the DVD!

  7. Nicsays:

    It’s was ok not great

  8. Beansays:

    ok. stealth was ok. entertaining at least and that’s what we want right?, to be entertained. What happened to Gigli being the worst movie ever? that truly was a bomb.

    1. Boobiesmakemesmilesays:

      Gigli had naked Angelina Jolie Stealth had clothed Jessica biel nuff said

      1. Obelovsays:

        And I’d take stealth over that steaming turd movie any day still. Nuff said.

      2. Bobandy281says:

        Gigli was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Naked Angelina was Gia. You got your movies mixed up.

      3. Everyone's a criticsays:

        Really? This is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. Dodosays:

    I’m not a movie critic, but I enjoyed the movie Stealth! I watch it every chance I get.

  10. MOVIE GUYsays:

    Us a VPN and you can watch different countries Netflix Steaming even in Canada.

  11. Goldiesays:

    Awesome Movie as I knew what movie it already was, seen it the movies and then bought it on DVD watched it Everytime 10/10. And yet the inbreds think other wise because she didn’t show anything, if you didn’t like it’s probably because your an experiment nuff said.

  12. Capper1970says:

    Because the movie is bad, it hasn’t gotten much exposure in years. When new eyes see an interesting looking movie that they never heard of, they tend to watch. To be clear, no it is not a good movie. Hell, The Fast & Furious isn’t a good movie but for some ridiculous reason it has garnered 9 sequels. Unfortunately, F&F earns millions & we keep getting even more terrible movies. Is it possible that humanity is de-evolving? Probably not but people are just to lazy & don’t engage in critical thinking anymore. 🙁

    1. Big Hopsays:

      Eight sequels

  13. Everyone's a criticsays:

    Uhh, the writer isn’t using the slang word “bomb” correctly. Saying something “bombed” at the box office is very different from saying it was the “bomb”. One means it did bad and the other means it did good. I was very confused about what the writer was trying to say until I started reading the article. Or maybe that was the point.
    Anyway Stealth wasn’t very good. And it wasn’t because it was far fetched. Independence Day with Will Smith was far fetched but bless their hearts, they made it work. I think the actors were trying to match each others energy and they just chose the wrong actor to match with. We all know Foxx from other movies and he is high energy, so it was a shame to see him toned down and muted like that. If they had match his known energy I think it would have made for a better movie. Far fetched or not.

    1. Big Hopsays:

      The writer said it was A bomb, not The bomb. For a movie to bomb would make it a bomb. For a movie to be great would make it the bomb. A movie can’t bomb at the box office unless it is a bomb, one would suppose. While you are correct in your slang usage of the term the bomb, on the face of it you need to reevaluate your evaluation of the writers use of the word.

  14. Maymaysays:

    The movie is great I loved it when it came out I love it now the hole movie is awesome 😎

  15. Moeesays:

    It’s on starz

  16. JUSTDAVE1971says:

    I was living in Nairobi, Kenya when this movie came out went to see it with girlfriend it wasn’t that bad and she was hot for Josh and I was the winner that night

    1. Big Hopsays:

      Girlfriend was hot for another guy and you were the winner, hmmm?

      1. Turnheronsays:

        His meaning is obvious, and I feel sorry for you that you didn’t catch it.

  17. Me420nmsays:

    Just goes to show theee nothing good worth watching on Netflix when this garbage is one of the most watched….get better content Netflix

  18. Gerrysays:

    It really did bomb tho…. 79.3 mil at the box office compared to a 135 mil budget sheesh!!!

  19. Fmartinsays:

    I have no idea what it’s about. The ads are covering the article.

  20. Realsays:

    Moe is a loser: Et tu?

  21. Krazykanesays:

    OMG! Best movie ever and I haven’t even seen it or a trailer yet!

  22. Master Larrysays:

    I’m with You on That. Thought All in All. It was a Great Movie to Watch. Had humor and Drama. And Loved Eddie the AI

  23. Pjockosays:

    Does anyone ELSE resent Stealth for being a direct ripoff of the end of Macross Plus moreso than for being a genuinely bad movie???

  24. Star Wars is gonesays:

    Well Cobra Kai did ONE THING vitally important. They stayed TRUE to the original story. Yes time changed people a bit, BUT you didn’t see Mr Miyagi’s student become a coward who ran and hid, alienating himself from people. They also did a great job expanding the characters in BELIEVABLE WAYS. The new karate fighter wasn’t ALL POWERFUL with no training needed. The fan service in Cobra Kai was designed to make you smile and feel memories that the original show did, and they embraced that. They didn’t mock and trash it. The other incredible thing Cobra Kai did was, they didn’t destroy the main characters. Turning them into idiots, wimps, cowards, or in Luke’s case almost a killer, of his own nephew! What they did to Luke Skywalker was a cheap, nauseating, pathetic attempt to destroy a male driven hero and replace him with a woman who was beyond all Superhuman powers. As Lucas said you CAN’T have Superman without Lex Luthor or Kryptonite. A hero of THAT power and magnitude would be completely unrelatable to any audience, and THAT’S WHY Rey was such a cheap and oh so sickening character. She was as heroic as a 2×4, and as fun to watch grow. A akin watching Rey grow to watching grass grow, or cars rust. Yep it happens but WHO CARES ENOUGH TO WATCH IT HAPPEN? Kathleen Kennedy has show flat out she CANNOT run a franchise CORRECTLY. Toy sales, a section of Lucasfilm that’s NEVER seen the bad light has had more LANDFILL FODDER from these last few movies than EVER BEFORE! Add to everything else, SHE LIED to the fans, to Lucas himself, and she put her AGENDA before the franchise. That’s what led to this.

  25. Yuri Natesays:

    @Frank, ‘Amerika’ (“America”) is a landmass created by God; the PRESENT “United States” is a corporate entity (fraudulently created) by men in 1876 (or so) replacing the original “The United States of America” that was formed in 1776, try not to confuse the two! The first one was the Republic, the second one is a FRAUD upon the American public! Both are fictions upon paper! Neither are correctly “America” which again, is a Landmass!
    “Stealth” BTW, was adequate entertainment!

  26. Huhsays:

    Only good thing is Jessica. Other than that you have to had lost a bet or you need help

  27. Scotsays:

    @ The annoying responder

    I’m not sure how that comment could be taken as “racist” regardless since “foreign” just means non English in North America.

    That’s the level of stupidity the world has come to though, not only did that idiot lack the reading comprehension to realize what the other guy was saying he also used a term that has 0 relevance to the subject since neither “Foreign” nor “American” are races.

    Apparently racist and prejudice are interchangeable these days cause it’s easier then actually teaching people the difference.

  28. JaBielsays:

    I like this movie..!

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