An old George Lucas quote sparks debate among Star Wars fans

Image via Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

It’s become something of an inside joke that Star Wars fans can never unanimously agree on anything. While that obviously isn’t true, most diehard enthusiasts have conflicting opinions about the Skywalker Saga, more specifically the prequels and Disney’s sequel trilogy.

Back when creator George Lucas was developing the prequel films, a lot of Star Wars fans criticized the new flicks because they were too different from the originals. Over the years, though, audiences have found a new love for the story of Anakin Skywalker from a toddler to the man who destroyed the galaxy.

Whether by the grace of an endless stream of memes or the fact that that fans finally acknowledged the different angle Lucas was aiming for, the prequels are now as nostalgic as they are beloved. Lucas, meanwhile, always believed that kids enjoyed his newer renditions of the galaxy far, far away, whereas older fans erroneously compared it to the Rebellion era.

Now, an old interview where Lucas discusses how most people who are under 25 “adore” the prequels has resurfaced on Reddit, reigniting the ancient debate of what age group Star Wars is truly aimed at.

Some pointed out the irony that fans are still divided over the generational gap between the prequels and the sequels, while others agreed that the stories of the galaxy far, far away are best enjoyed by kids. A few even reaffirmed Lucas’s points, saying that every generation finds new things to love about the fictional sci-fi universe, while the older fans have difficulty adjusting.

Of course, now that The Rise of Skywalker has concluded the narrative as a whole, it’ll be a while before we learn what the future has in store for Star Wars other than the ever-expanding Mandoverse on Disney Plus.