An Underrated Keanu Reeves Movie Is Dominating Netflix Again

A lesser-known Keanu Reeves movie is rising up the ranks of Netflix's most-watched charts once again for some inexplicable reason.

Keanu Reeves may have had box office success with two beloved movie franchises, including The Matrix and the John Wick series, but there was a time not too long ago when critics and fans viewed one of his projects as mediocre.

One of those is undoubtedly Street Kings. The movie, which also stars Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Common, and Terry Crews, follows veteran LAPD officer Tom Ludlow (Reeves), as he continues to grieve the loss of his wife in a senseless world by excessively drinking alcohol. While mourning his wife’s loss, Ludlow is viewed as a suspect, while a fellow officer gets killed after evidence connects him to the crime. As this occurs throughout the film, Ludlow is left to question where everyone’s loyalties lie.

street kings

Although the crime drama was fairly received in the box office upon its release in 2008, garnering $66.5 million worldwide, Netflix has brought new life to the movie. It is currently one of the top twenty films in the world on the streaming app, according to FlixPatrol. Three years after the film hit theaters, a sequel titled Street Kings 2: Motor City was released in 2011 for direct to video.

Street Kings is now streaming on Netflix.