An underrated sci-fi thriller is blasting off on Netflix

I Am Mother

When you think of Netflix sci-fi starring Hilary Swank, your mind may be drawn to the much buzzed-about and very costly series Away, which ended up suffering from the ignominy of being canceled after just one season.

However, the two-time Academy Award winner made a much smaller scale-project for the streaming service the previous year, and it’s got to be regarded as one of the platform’s true hidden gems. Written by Michael Lloyd Green and directed by Grant Sputore, I Am Mother is a high concept, smart and ambitious story that may finally be finding the audience it deserved first time around after releasing in 2019.

I Am Mother

The bare bones of the plot follow a teenage girl that’s spent her life being raised by a robot with maternal instincts, only for her life and existence to come crashing down around her. Diving much further into things than that would be giving too much away, but rest assured there’s twists and turns around every corner.

I Am Mother scored an impressive 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s now returned from the Netflix wilderness to become one of the fastest-rising titles in the library. As per FlixPatrol, the atmospheric genre piece has risen by over a dozen places since yesterday, and it’s now got the Top 20 firmly within sight.