An Unexpected War Movie Is The #1 Film On Netflix


Jake Gyllenhaal’s contained thriller The Guilty has held onto the top spot on the Netflix most-watched list since premiering on October 1, but Antoine Fuqua’s latest directorial effort has been dislodged by a surprising new addition to the library, as per FlixPatrol.

Dutch war epic The Forgotten Battle was released in local theaters this past June, following the intersected journeys of a Nazi soldier, a British pilot and a local resistance fighter during of World War II, using events like the Battle of Walcheren Causeay and the Battle of the Scheldt as a backdrop.


The second most expensive Dutch production in history behind only Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book, The Thing remake’s Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. helms the hard-hitting drama with a largely homegrown cast, although there are roles for Harry Potter veteran Tom Felton and Argo‘s Richard Dillane.

Shot in spectacularly visceral fashion, The Forgotten Battle becomes the latest foreign-made title to reach the summit of the Netflix charts, reaffirming the platform as a truly global enterprise. It might not boast much in the way of star power, but it’s clearly captured the imagination of subscribers all over the world having managed to hit number one less than 48 hours after being added to the platform.