An unknown but anarchic graffiti thriller splatters the Netflix charts in glory

'I Came By' enters Netflix charts
Image: Netflix

The isles of Britain have produced some truly memorable films and played host to some of cinema’s favorite franchises and all-time cinema classics, but it’s not James Bond or A Clockwork Orange that is steaming ahead on streaming right now.

A fresh and utterly original film has entered Netflix’s top ten charts as I Came By proves that audiences want to experience something new in an increasingly franchise-led world. The British drama stars Paddington star Hugh Bonneville, alongside the likes of Peter Pan’s George MacKay, and No Country for Old Men’s Kelly Macdonald.

Following a talented but troubled young graffiti artist, I Came By sees the world of the working and upper class as a massive conspiracy uncovered by a spirited teenager. The intricate master plan considers the rich elite do truly heinous things to stay on top of the world.

I Came By has seen reasonable critical success since its Netflix, with a nice 69 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences were not quite as kind, with just 44 percent positive reviews. But that all matters little on Netflix, where it is sitting pretty in the third spot ahead of Harry Potter, That’s Amor, and erotic drama The Next 365 Days.

One of Netflix’s successes is a captive audience, and also a far more diverse line-up of films and television series than before. Korean legal dramas, Australian thriller series, and yes, British graffiti thrillers all prove to be solid successes on the streaming service.

I Came By is available to stream on Netflix.