An unlikely Jason Statham movie resurfaces on streaming

jason statham the meg

History has shown that the four titans of mid budget action cinema can always be relied on to see virtually every movie from their extensive back catalogues find a place on the most-watched list of any streaming service they appear on.

We are of course referring to Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Jason Statham and Gerard Butler, the quartet of veteran ass-kickers that have carved out a very respectable niche for themselves as the leading men of blood-splattered and bullet-riddled genre films that rarely stray above the $60 million budgetary line.

However, despite his continued association with the sprawling and very expensive Fast & Furious saga, Statham branched out for the first time in a long time by taking top billing in a $150 million blockbuster where he battled a gigantic shark. The Meg turned out to be the highest-grossing outing of his career where he took top billing after it swam to a healthy box office total of $530 million, so it’s no surprise a sequel is in the works.

Ben Wheatley’s second installment is poised to start shooting next year, but Netflix subscribers have clearly been getting reacquainted with Statham’s Jonas Taylor, after The Meg began rising from the depths of the platform’s most-watched list, as per FlixPatrol.