An unsung thriller rebounds as one of Netflix’s biggest movies

the clovehitch killer

As much as Netflix loves to tout the almighty algorithm, it’s pretty much impossible to predict which movies are going to find a new lease of life and enjoy sustained success on the platform, with the exception of whatever the latest splashy in-house original turns out to be.

A case in point is The Clovehitch Killer, which has come out of nowhere to instantly rank as one of the most popular titles on the platform around the world. As per FlixPatrol, the 2018 thriller is currently the number one most-watched feature film in five countries, and ranks among the top three in no less than 19 different nations.

the clovehitch killer

An idyllic family is forever fractured when Charlie Plummer’s son begins to believe that his old man, as played by Dylan McDermott, potentially harbors a horrifying secret. The youngster stumbles upon a terrifying discovery that was never meant to be found, and grows increasingly convinced his father could be the infamous serial killer who claimed 13 victims a decade previously.

A 79% Rotten Tomatoes score indicates that The Clovehitch Killer is a cut above the standard murder mystery with horror elements, a subgenre that’s become close to ubiquitous over the last several years as the desire for gruesome crime stories shows no signs of diminishing, and it’s clearly caught on in a huge way with Netflix subscribers.