2018’s Halloween Casts Laurie Strode’s Granddaughter


As Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel gets ready to head into production, the film is finally being cast beyond the previous announcements that Jamie Lee Curtis would return as Laurie Strode, with Judy Greer as her daughter.

According to Deadline, actress Andi Matichik will portray Allyson, the granddaughter of Laurie and the daughter of Greer’s character. Although we’ve seen Laurie have children in previous sequels, having multiple generations all at once is something new to the franchise and it’ll be exciting to watch how the plot develops because of this, as Laurie is supposedly no longer Michael’s sister thanks to the retcon of Halloween 2.

What this means for Michael’s motivations is currently unknown, but hopefully writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride create something truly frightening. After all, Michael Myers was best in the original Halloween when he seemed to just be mindlessly stalking random babysitters.

At the very least, we imagine that whatever they come up with has to be better than Michael Myers fighting Busta Rhymes. And we should all be glad we won’t have a nine-year-old Michael screaming at his dysfunctional, equally-disturbed family. Besides, with the promise of a focus more on dread than gore, it certainly sounds like they’re headed in the right direction with this one.

Pegged to arrive on October 19th, 2018, the Halloween sequel has got just about everyone excited about Michael Myers’ second coming – save for Danielle Harris, who recently went on record to say that she’s “bummed out” by the decision to ignore all sequels.