Andrew Garfield Hopes To See A “Pansexual” Spider-Man One Day


Andrew Garfield, who played Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movies, has begun to speak about his time in the suit, and how he feels about the franchise being abandoned in favor of yet another reboot. The British actor has always been very passionate and outspoken when it comes to the iconic character, and in a new interview with, he’s shared his thoughts on the direction he’d eventually like to see the Webhead be taken in.

One of the leaked Sony emails from a while back seemed to confirm that because of the contractual obligations laid down by Marvel when they sold the rights to the studio, there was never really much chance that the new Spidey would be anything but white, straight and male. Garfield maintains he had no idea that these limitations were set when he signed on for the role, and hopes those sort of things won’t be an issue in the future.

“I’m excited to get to the point where we don’t have to have this conversation, where we can have a pansexual Spider-Man. The richness of the world we’re in, the diversity of the world we’re in; you look at the animal kingdom and you see it reflected. You look all over; what are we so scared of? Why are we so, ‘No, it has to be this way, a man and a woman.’ Why is that even a conversation? We’re scared of things that aren’t us. Love is love. Skin is skin. Flesh is flesh. We’re all wrapped in the same thing. I have no preference. The beauty about Spider-Man, for me, is that he’s covered head to toe. That’s why everyone thinks it could be them in that suit. You don’t see skin color. You don’t see sexual orientation. You don’t see how old the person is, gender, the whole thing. I celebrate that. Anyone can be a hero in their own lives.”

Just in case you need an explanation; pansexual Spider-Man wouldn’t mean he’d have an attraction to kitchenware – simply that the character wouldn’t be limited or defined by his sexual preference or gender identity. Of course, a lot of fans think characters should be kept true to how they were originally written, but even more seem to agree that it’s time to shake things up a bit.

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