Andrew Garfield Introduces The Amazing Spider-Man Panel At Comic-Con

Something about this almost five minute clip from Andrew Garfield’s appearance last weekend at the Comic Con panel for The Amazing Spider Man awakens my inner cynic. Garfield’s a likable enough young star, and he’s on a major roll to boot. He’s certainly a better choice to play Marvel’s vaunted webslinger than Tobey Maguire but he lays it on a little thick here for my liking. Spider-Man saved his life? Really?

Deadline characterized his introduction of the Spider-Man panel as “touching,” but for me it comes across as affected and overly scripted. To some degree, his jitters seem genuine and maybe that’s the reason he reads the entire speech. He nonetheless comes off more as movie pitchman than as a genuine, Comic-Con superhero geek. In other words, his speech plays like a performance instead of an organic, heartfelt expression of gratitude and humility.

Here’s hoping his performance in the actual movie is markedly more believable. But like I said, that’s the cynic in me talking. What do you think?

For my money, though, I would’ve preferred to see more of the beautiful Emma Stone in this clip.