Andrew Scott’s Open To Following Sherlock Co-Stars Into The MCU

Benedict Cumberbatch Andrew Scott

Though Sherlock is on indefinite hiatus, its two leading men have been keeping themselves busy. Notably, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have found roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The former as Doctor Strange and the latter as Everett Ross. But what does Andrew Scott, the Moriarty to their Holmes and Watson, think of following his co-stars into the MCU? Well, it turns out he’s up for the idea.

Digital Spy asked the actor if he had any interest in doing a superhero movie, specifically a Marvel one. Scott admitted that he “wouldn’t say no” and that he’s a fan of many of them. He even let slip that he’s had “conversations” about doing a comic book film in the past.

“Absolutely, I wouldn’t say no. But it very much depends on the character. And what exactly it is that you’re doing. I’ve definitely had conversations about that world before, but as yet, it hasn’t transpired. So for me, it just depends on what the acting requirement. The films are definitely really cool. So, I don’t know. We’ll wait and see. Never say never.”

So, hold up, does that mean that Scott’s been up for Marvel roles before? Has he actually auditioned for any? DS quizzed the actor further on this point and he clarified that he’s got somewhere along the process but has yet to officially screen test for any particular part.

“In the casting process, there’s always different various stages of it. But I’ve never gone down – we’ve never gone down the road to – the right thing just hasn’t come up.”

Scott finished up by adding that he’s got a lot of “opportunities” on the horizon at present so he doesn’t think a Marvel movie role will happen anytime soon.

“There are lots of different opportunities around at the moment, so I’m not sure that’s on the cards any time soon.”

While we wait and see if the Sherlock star could join the MCU, Cumberbatch will next return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coming in May 2021, while Freeman has confirmed he’s back for Black Panther 2dropping in May 2022.