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Andy’s dad in ‘Toy Story’ is Buzz Lightyear, according to outrageous fan theory

It doesn't stop there, either.

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With the hype back around Toy Story with the release of Lightyear, fans are sharing some truly bonkers fan theories. And this latest one might take the cake.

Lightyear is the in-universe source material for the Buzz toy in the Toy Story trilogy, but it could be even more important than that, according to a new fan theory that has ignited controversy on Reddit.

Posted to /r/FanTheories by /u/dancesuperfan, a new theory claims that the actor who plays Buzz in universe might actually be the father of Andy. Yes, you read that right. It gets even more ridiculous as it goes on.

The Redditor believes that not only is Buzz’s actor Andy’s dad, but Andy’s grandfather is the former actor and inspiration for the child’s other prized possession: Woody. The theory believes the grandfather was a Clint Eastwood-esque actor in the Toy Story universe, albeit both of these claims can be heavily scrutinized.

Firstly, why would Andy and his mom live in a suburban house if his father was the star of a massive Hollywood blockbuster? Wouldn’t they live somewhere more flash than a white-picket-fence property? Doubly so if Andy’s grandfather was a golden age Hollywood star.

But, sometimes a theory can still be good food for thought, even if it is truly implausible.

Since Toy Story debuted in 1995, it not only helped launch Pixar Animation’s stranglehold on the medium but also kickstarted one of the most well-known animation franchises of all time. It’s rare to find a trilogy as well-received across the board as Toy Story, and its success then led to a fourth film and a spin-off. Lightyear is out now in theaters.

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