Angelina Jolie Didn’t Know Much About Thena Before Taking The Role

Angelina Jolie shared during a recent interview with D23 Inside Disney podcast that she didn’t know much about her character Thena prior to accepting her role in Eternals.

In the newly released Marvel film, Thena is considered the best Eternal warrior who can create any weapon from cosmic energy. The actress said in the podcast despite limited information about her character, what initially drew her to the role was Eternals’ overall message.

“I didn’t know as much about the character. What’s interesting about this one, I think Kumail [Nanjiani] and I were the two early ones on, but they told us that the goal of it would be a bit of a love letter to humanity was this thought.”

She added, “That it would be the most diverse group of superheroes you’ve ever seen. Not because it’s checking a box because it’s the only way the story can be told to accurately represent the world we live in, and that just felt so right that I wanted to be a part of that family.”

Jolie also shared in the podcast that she wasn’t provided a complete script after landing the role.”Then I would slowly learn about my character, but they tell you in pieces as it grows. You don’t see a script. You’re not sure what weapon you have. You don’t know a lot going in.”

Eternals was released in theaters on Nov. 5 and has since generated about $162 million globally.

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