Angelina Jolie On Who’d Win Maleficent Vs Thena Fight

The latest episode of Disney’s D23 Inside Disney podcast was full of exciting information for Disney, Marvel, and Tom Brady fans. From the green light for the upcoming animated series Primos to a new trailer for Tom Brady: The Man In The Arena and the Eternals arriving at the highly anticipated Avengers Campus in Disneyland that opened in June of this year — fans won’t want to miss this episode.

Another treat for fans during the podcast was an interview with Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani. Jolie and Nanijani star in Marvel’s Eternals as Thena and Kingo, respectively — two of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe.

When Jolie was asked who would win in a battle, Thena or Maleficent — she had this to say about the two characters meeting one another.

“I think they’d get along really well. I guess it’s hard…I mean yeah. You know the thing is Thena likes to fight — I’m not sure Maleficent does. Maleficent is kind of looking for peace and Thena is just completely — well maybe they both are. God, now you’ve got me like…psychological…I’m in therapy now. Which one am I and what makes them similar is probably the answer to my psychological makeup. Yeah, impossible, it’s impossible to think about.”

Fans who have seen Marvel’s Eternals would probably have an equally hard time figuring out which of Jolie’s characters would win in a battle.

Maleficent is known for her temper — sure, but if you get to the core of her story, there’s more there than an evil being. She’s been betrayed and left broken; of course, she’s working through pain and not always successfully, but you feel for her.

Thena also has that vulnerable side; while initially choosing not to bond with humans, she still fiercely protects them and — while wise and powerful, doesn’t come off as this know-it-all hero. Instead, Thena respects who she is and what she’s been through with the Eternals and stands fearless in the face of danger.

The two joining forces would be a heck of a problem for anyone they faced, but together, they may find a balance and a common ground. Instead of a fight, it’s entirely possible that they’d help one another — finding the pain they’d experienced as a point to bond with one another and learning from each other, too.

Who do you think would win in a battle? Do you believe that Thena is more willing to fight while Maleficent would avoid it? Let’s talk about it.