Angelina Jolie Confirmed To Star In Disney’s Maleficent

The trend in Hollywood these days is leaning toward updating classic fairy tales and the next up on the chopping block is Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie has signed on to star in the Disney spin-0ff of the tale, Maleficent.

This version centers around the viewpoint of the evil sorceress and title character, Maleficent, who will be played by Jolie. She is the first actress to be attached to the project but you can expect more casting news soon.

Recent news had Jolie staring in either Luc Besson‘s new action thriller or the Gertrude Bell biopic set to be directed by Ridley Scott, next. Both projects however have been put on indefinite holds.

Maleficent will mark the directorial debut of Oscar-winning production designer Robert Stromberg and production is expected to begin sometime in late 2012. The screenplay is currently in its final stages of edits.

Angelina Jolie has all the makings of an evil queen. The role will take her on a journey into the layers of the character that have never been touched. In the original film audiences are privy to Sleeping Beauty’s point of view, but for the first time the sorceress will have her day on the screen.

Do you think Jolie is a good choice for the part? Let us know.

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