Is Angourie Rice Playing Gwen Stacy In Spider-Man: Homecoming?


Despite the fact Spider-Man: Homecoming is just a few months away, we still don’t know who the vast majority of the cast is playing. Bits and pieces of information have surfaced which have confirmed the presence of comic book characters like Flash Thompson and Ned Leeds, but beyond that, we’ve been left at a complete loss. Now though, we may finally have an answer in regards to The Nice Guys star Angourie Rice.

An event recently took place in Japan for Spider-Man: Homecoming which featured the debut of new footage and some very interesting props from the reboot. According to one fan Twitter account, it was there that Rice was confirmed as playing Gwen Stacy, something which makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. For starters, she’s far too talented an actress to be relegated to an unknown supporting character and a cameo of some sort here could set the stage for a bigger role in the sequel.

It’s important to note that this is far from confirmed as of right now, but Spider-Man: Homecoming has a terrific cast and fans are hoping that at least most of them will be taking on roles from the source material. Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, while Bryce Dallas Howard appeared as the love interest in Sam Raimi’s final instalment of his Spider-Man trilogy.

Rice has the potential to do something really different with the character here, though, so we’re definitely hoping that Spider-Man: Homecoming gives her a chance to shine.