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Animation fans are debating which Dreamworks film is the worst and no one better say ‘Shrek 2’

'Kung Fu Panda 2' doesn't have a fight scene set to "Holding Out For A Hero" now, does it?

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Animation fans are at war as they determine which Dreamworks animated film has to get the boot. On top of that, three sequels have been put forward, and it’s all-out carnage.

This all started when Twitter user @wwwinco started a “one has to go” animation thread. In the thread are multiple animation films fighting it out in different categories. There are Disney films, Pixar, Anime, Illumination studios, etc.

Then came the “Dreamworks epic sequel” category. For those who are out of the loop, animation fans believe that Dreamworks make amazing sequels that surpass their original counterparts. So you can imagine the pain that animation fans have when they have to choose between Shrek 2, Kung-Fu Panda 2, and How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Fans have expressed their struggle in picking one as they think that these Dreamworks films are masterpieces. Some have even described them as perfect.

Others have expressed criticism for those who easily picked Shrek 2 as the one that has to go as to them, it’s the best. And, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Kung Fu Panda 2 doesn’t have “Holding Out For A Hero”, does it?

But, regardless of the hard selection, some fans made their choice based on if they either remembered the movie or decided which of the three films had a better plot.

Each of these sequels added more to the world-building and characters the first film has presented so it makes sense why some fans find it hard to make their decision.

That said, I simply do not see Shrek 2 disses. I do not see them.

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