Anna Kendrick Circling Role Alongside Ben Affleck In The Accountant


Actress-singer Anna Kendrick is continuing to demonstrate the versatility of her skills, as Variety reports the Pitch Perfect star has begun early talks with Warner Bros. to co-star in The Accountant. The action thriller has already caught the eye of Ben Affleck, who’s also reportedly in negotiations to appear as an accountant who moonlights as an assassin. Its premise betrays the somewhat pedestrian-sounding title, which indicates that Kendrick could be taking part in her first action role.

At this preliminary stage, there’s no word on who she will play should she make the decision to join the project. This year alone, the actress has commandeered a hectic shooting schedule after starring in a whopping seven films. Of course, their staggered release dates means we won’t be inundated by a stream of Kendrick-starrers. Next up she’ll be singing and dancing her way further into the public’s hearts for Rob Marshall’s holiday family pic Into The Woods, which will be shortly followed by romantic musical, The Last 5 Years.

Judging by the volume of projects she’s undertaken in the previous twelve months, it’s a wonder she’s not keen to take a break. Currently filming Mr. Right, if she does take the part it will mean kicking off the new year straight away as The Accountant will begin lensing in January.

Taking control behind the camera is Warrior director Gavin O’Connor, whose prior work shows he’s got the prowess to combine character and action successfully. With an original script by The Judge scribe Bill Dubuque, The Accountant is ramping up to be a title worth keeping an eye on.