Annabelle Comes Home Director Says The Doll’s A Maestro Of Mayhem In New Film


The Conjuring universe started by James Wan in 2013 will continue on once Annabelle Comes Home hits theaters later this month.

Marking the directorial debut of Gary Dauberman, who’s written three other films in the franchise, as well as co-written the two It movies, the latest horror entry will follow the demonic doll on a vengeful warpath against the Warren family.

And in an exclusive interview with Dread Central, Dauberman went ahead and shed some light on what we can expect from the ever-creepy toy.

“I looked at her as sort of that the maestro of the madness or the mayhem. Kind of a master of ceremonies is a great way to put it. And how she sort of charges up the other artifacts that are in the room. What’s that interaction like? That’s something I dive into.”

A “master of ceremonies” is a good way to put it indeed, given that the new film will show Annabelle taking charge of all the possessed artifacts and evil spirits the Warrens have locked away. The doll will then lead them into an attack against their captors’ ten-year-old daughter, Judy.

And while this is the third film in which Annabelle’s been the star, Dauberman confirmed that this go-around will not be its last appearance on the big screen.

“When I think of trilogies it’s like, I don’t think [Annabelle:Creation was necessarily the Empire [Strikes Back], you know what I mean? The doll connects the stories and I think the mythology connects the stories. But I don’t think this puts closure to the Annabelle story in any way.”

We don’t know what Warner Bros. is planning for the future of the doll at the moment, but it’ll probably depend on the success of the next film. Though if the past’s any indication – Annabelle: Creation made over $300 million worldwide off of a $15 million budget – we’ll be seeing a lot more of the killer character.

Tell us, what do you think of the director’s comments? Are you excited for this next bloody affair? Let us know below and be sure to check out Annabelle Comes Home in theaters June 26th.