Annabelle Comes Home Might’ve Revealed The Next Conjuring Spinoff

Conjuring 2

Ever since James Wan’s The Conjuring first terrified audiences back in 2013, it’s become a staple of the modern horror canon. The film has inspired plenty of sequels and spinoffs as well, including The Nun and Annabelle. The most recent installment in the frightening franchise is the acclaimed R-rated spook fest Annabelle Comes Home, though it’s definitely not going to be the last. In fact, it looks like the movie may end up revealing the next planned spinoff for the series.

Ed and Lorraine Warren have plenty of eerie case files to keep them busy and within those important documents is one particularly harrowing tale of a human who gets possessed by a werewolf. Wan has even said on the record that he’d love for the franchise to explore this bone-chilling true story.

“I mean that’s the crazy thing, is a lot of people don’t realize that the Warren’s actually investigated a werewolf case and that’s one of their stories, one of their more infamous stories that I love,” the Annabelle Comes Home executive producer and mastermind behind the entire series said. “I love the idea that maybe if we can do it, it’d be great to see a werewolf movie in the Conjuring universe.”

Gary Dauberman, who wrote and directed Annabelle Comes Home, is also really interested in the idea, saying:

“It is a true story, it’s a case file. It’s one of the more popular case files from the Warrens. They investigated this man who was possessed by this spirit, this werewolf, or this hellhound. So it just felt like this was the perfect opportunity to explore something like that, and see if it’s something the audiences will dig or not. It’s always a constant conversation to see how that is, but you just want it to feel grounded and authentic, and make it feel a part of the universe so it doesn’t feel so separate.”

Though nothing’s been officially announced yet, it looks like this definitely has a chance to be where the series heads next after The Conjuring 3. Given all of the fascinating details of the Warrens’ lives, this is a franchise that has the potential to go on for decades to come. And as long as Wan is involved and continues to groom young horror savants to steer the ship in the right direction, then moviegoers will be in for many frights well into the future.

Annabelle Comes Home is currently playing in theaters worldwide.