Anne Hathaway May Star In Song One

It appears that Anne Hathaway has her heart set on proving that she is a bonafide singer. First, it was singing in Ella Enchanted, then, she showed off her vocals in the new Les Miserables trailer. Now, according to Variety, the actress has set her eyes on a role in Song One, which will be produced by Marc Platt and Jonathan Demme. It is also set to include Hathaway’s fiancée Adam Shulman.

Kate Barker-Froyland penned the film and is also hoping to direct the project, which looks to tell the story of “a young girl who returns home after her brother is injured. The brother becomes romantically involved with one of his favorite artists, who becomes inspired by the siblings.”

Presumably, the role will require Hathaway to flex her vocals, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She’s a great actress and her voice isn’t all that bad either.

Additional information on the project isn’t known at this time but we’ll let you know when more news arises.