Annie Leaves The Hard Knock Life Behind In Final Trailer


Up until this point, I have been massively skeptical of the upcoming and updated version of Annie, the adorable musical about an adorably upbeat orphan and her adorable relationship with an adorable billionaire. It’s just been too much adorableness for me. But with the latest (and final) trailer for the film, which stars Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx, the veil of my jaded cynicism has lifted ever so-slightly.

Maybe my rosier outlook on this film is simply a result of this trailer not being as grating as the earlier ones, which featured piercing vocals and somewhat incongruous hip-hop beats. Either way, I like what I see.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, it follows Wallis as the titular character navigating a difficult (but upbeat) life with her fellow orphans and nasty caregiver Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz). Adopted as a political move by mayoral candidate Benjamin Stacks (an update on the classic Daddy Warbucks, played by Jamie Foxx), she soon works her way into everyone’s hearts, and makes Stacks wish he really was her father. There’s trouble on the horizon, though, for Annie’s birth parents have promised to eventually return for her, as we discover very briefly in this trailer.

The update of Annie was produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z and directed by Will Gluck. It features new versions of the classic songs from the original musical, and obviously a few changes in plot. It looks like a bright, flashy, and sentimental film, but that’s what the original one was too. I’m more worried about whether or not the vocals will be as piercing as they have sounded in earlier trailers – because if they are, I will remember to bring earplugs to the theater.

Annie hits theaters on December 19, but you can watch the latest trailer above and see what you think. Is the hard knock life for you?