Another Batch Of Concept Art For Spider-Man: Homecoming Has The Web-Head Cleaning Up The Streets Of NYC


July 7th has been a date long anticipated by Marvel fans, as it’ll herald the arrival of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Watts’ cinematic reset set to place the so-hot-right-now Tom Holland in that famous super-suit.

Of course, thanks to Captain America: Civil War, Holland already has his big-screen superhero debut under his belt, and as far as first impressions go, the British up-and-comer threatened to steal the show, and is now arguably on the verge of becoming the most exciting and indeed captivating Spider-Man yet – if he wasn’t already.

That places a particular weight of expectation on the shoulders of Marvel and Jon Watts’ summer tentpole, but at least based on the early consensus coming out of the film’s internal test screenings, Spider-Man: Homecoming is all set to deliver on those lofty expectations, potentially scoring $135 million during its opening weekend in the process. And so, with little under a month to go until release, CBM has now uncovered the latest batch of concept art for Homecoming. 

Whereas previous artwork drew attention to The Vulture’s advanced wingsuit and Spidey’s arsenal, up above you’ll be able to find Tom Holland’s Web-Head doing what he does best: cleaning up the streets of New York City. His target? A group of goons disguised as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and let’s just say that these so-called Avengers won’t be winning any fancy dress competitions anytime soon.

Spider-Man: Homecoming scurries into theatres on July 7th. It’ll be followed in quick succession by Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, Ryan Coogler’s origin story that will cordially invite moviegoers into the lush jungles of Wakanda. Look for that one to claw its way into the MCU in time for February 16th, 2018.

Source: CBM

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