Gorgeous New Thor: Ragnarok Poster Shows Us The Shattered Mjölnir


Another day, another great Thor: Ragnarok poster (which can be seen in the gallery below along with a few from the other week).

This one’s targeted at the Chinese market and serves up a new montage of the film’s star-studded cast as well as another look at the (hopefully temporary) fate of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. We’ve already seen the supposedly unstoppable weapon being easily stopped by Cate Blanchett’s villainous Hela in the trailers, with its loss sending Thor tumbling down the galactic hierarchy until he’s reduced to battling as a gladiatorial slave.

Given how central the hammer is to the Thor legend, it presumably won’t be out of his hands for too long and this poster gives us an idea of its fate. Bristling with untamed lightning and its side split wide open, Mjölnir will clearly need to be reforged. Using this as a symbol for the character of Thor to put himself back together physically and psychologically in order to best the apparently invincible Hela seems like a no-brainer for the film.

Aside from all that, this poster might be ‘yer typical ‘heroes in hero poses’ collage, sewn together from various publicity shots, but at least it’s a competent example. Whoever’s putting together the marketing material for Thor: Ragnarok definitely deserves some kind of bonus, as they’ve consistently been head and shoulders above most other MCU posters. I just hope that the movie itself will live up to its excellent promotion.

We’ll know for sure in just over a month, as Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas on November 3rd and, fingers crossed, could be not just the superhero film of the year, but the vehicle with which the hugely talented New Zealand director Taika Waititi elevates himself to the A-list.