Another Round Of Posters For Transformers: The Last Knight Continue To Embed Those Robots In Disguise In Human History


They have been here forever, it seems, and on June 21st, Paramount and director Michael Bay will let moviegoers in on the secret history of Transformers, a wartorn lineage that seemingly stretches all the way back to the dawn of human civilization.

Just yesterday, for instance, we got a sneak peek at a towering, old-timey robot in disguise as it’ll appear in next month’s action sequel, Transformers: The Last Knight. Clad in medieval armor, the Transformer loomed over an ongoing battle between King Arthur’s (Liam Garrigan) army and an invading enemy force. Indeed, the Arthurian legend is set to feature quite heavily in Michael Bay’s all-star blockbuster, after Bumblebee and the remaining Autobots – flanked by human allies such as Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and Izabella (Isabela Moner) – embark on a mission to find a powerful artifact from a bygone era.

Doing do won’t be easy, as the oncoming Unicron has seemingly turned Optimus Prime against his long-time friends. It’s a fall from grace that Paramount has showcased time and time again during The Last Knight‘s ongoing marketing campaign, but today’s media dump favors static, historical one-sheets over in-your-face highlight reels – and is all the better for it. Shedding light on the “truth behind the legends,” these evocative posters are designed to implant Paramount’s robots in disguise within a handful of landmark moments from human history – Pompeii, World War I, the American Civil War…you name it – and it’s fair to say that each portrait turned out overly well.

Per Twitter:

They’ve never been a part of the history books, but they’ve definitely made history. Whether Transformers: The Last Knight goes on to make box office history, though, is another question entirely. June 21st is the date for your diaries.